An Interview with 
Anna Deavere Smith 
Kevin L. Fuller and Andrea Armstrong
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Anna Deavere Smith is an actress, a playwright, and an associate professor of drama at Stanford University. Her acclaimed one-woman play, Fires in the Mirror. Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities,  is part of her ongoing series of performance pieces entitled "On the Road:  A Search for American Character." These are composed of verbatim excerpts from interviews conducted by Smith of people both famous and obscure. She is particularly interested in how changing opinions about race and gender affect the American identity; her work reflects this concern by presenting voices from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds.  

Smith's newest piece, about the unrest in Los Angeles, Twilight, Los Angeles 1992,  premiered at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in June 1993. It is scheduled to open in New York in the spring of 1994.