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Darell W. Fields, Kevin L. Fuller, Milton S. F. Curry
Preface to Issue 1

Darell W. Fields
Living a Slow Death. . .or Porch Monkeys in the Dust

An Answer to the Question, "So What Does Blackness Have to Do with Architecture?"

Artwork / Advertising
Sheila Choi/Lisa Iwamoto

Renee Cox
Crossed Masks/Yo Mama

Darell W. Fields
Co-Lateral Damage

J. Juarez Hernandez
Artwork by J. Juarez Hernandez

Steve Jaycox

Philip Mallory Jones
Paradigm Shift

Rosario Marquardt
A Mythical Latin American Portrait Gallery

Nathaniel Q. Belcher
Noticing a Difference

R. M. Colina
Append[x]tomy: The Postoperative Distress of the Subject

Jennifer F. Edwards
Making the Feminine

Benton Komins
Three Boys and Their Growing-Up Performances

Ronee McLaughlin
Why Appendx?

Bryan Reynolds
Sexuality and Appendx: Doorless Toilet Stalls and the Constipation of Desire

George Thrush
Defining Deviancy

Ila Berman
Black on Black with Light Gray Interior: A Diagnostic Review of African-American Architects in Current Practice

Larry Burks
Representational Systems for Architecture and Digital Environments

Preston Scott Cohen
Stereotomic Permutations

Mark Jarzombek
The Mapplethorpe Trial and the Paradox of Its Formalist and Liberal Defense: Sights of Contention

Robert Levit
Alvaro Siza

Eric Rosenberg
"So much is there. . .and so much. . .is lacking": M. G. van Rensslaer's "Wanted: A History of Architecture" and the Politics of Historical Practice

Kim Anne Savelson
The Places of Feminist Criticism: Gender, Race, and Sexuality

Milton S.F. Curry
Emancipation Theory: Spatial Subtexts and Subjects

Darell W. Fields
A Black Manifesto

Richard T. Ford
Notes from the Outfield: Regarding "Three Strikes" Criminal Sentencing Proposals

Kevin L. Fuller
Negative Affirmation

S. Madison Gage
Re-Mission (sic)

Mathew T. Grant
Of Gangstas and Guerrillas: Distance Lends Enchantment

George Thrush
Ring City

James Baldwin
Letter from a Region in My Mind

David Theo Goldberg
Spatial Rhetorics: The Architecture of Conferencing

Jeoffrey Pooser and K. Todd Pooser
Bad at Birth?

Kim Anne Savelson
Morton Horwitz: Law and Civilty

Anna Deavere Smith
Media Killers

Cornel West
Cornel West, On Architecture?

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